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Hannibal at eighteen was rooting for Mephistopheles and contemptuous of Faust, but he only half-listened to the climax. He was watching and breathing Lady Murasaki.


I shouldn’t be the superhero’s girlfriend. I should be the superhero.



Loved by some, loathed by others. Hannibal (1999) finally gives Dr. Hannibal Lecter the chance of taking the centre stage. But he’s not alone. Clarice Starling also comes back. Will their story be as good as in The Silence of the Lambs? How will it end?

We created this website to read along this book and discuss it. We want this place to be free, without constricting timetables. We don’t want it to be limited; everybody is welcome to participate. Do you have a brilliant meta of each chapter? This is your place. Do you just want to say what you thought of a particular scene? This is your place. Do you have questions about the book? This is your place. 

How will we be reading Hannibal? We know that real life business sometimes prevents us from participating in groups like this, so we’re going to try to give all of you time to read some chapters. If the chapters are short, we’ll probably read faster. We’ll be posting prompts every 5 chapters or so OR when an important event takes place in the book that we believe merits its own discussion.

We will be also posting quotes. Please, feel free to submit us your favourite quotes.

Our ask is open. Is easy to participate. You just need to tag your entry #DHannibal so we can track it. 

WE’LL START NEXT WEEK, so get your Hannibal copies as soon as possible (if you don’t have them already)

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Hamnoy Lofoten Islands | By APeter Spencer|


B99 rewatch: M.E. Time (01x04)

I’m a screw up. And I plan to be a screw up until my late twenties, maybe even my early thirties.

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"This is the most most heinous thing I’ve learned in my two years compiling Fatal Encounters. You know who dies in the most population-dense areas? Black men. You know who dies in the least population dense areas? Mentally ill men. It’s not to say there aren’t dangerous and desperate criminals killed across the line. But African-Americans and the mentally ill people make up a huge percentage of people killed by police."

What I’ve Learned from Two Years Collecting Data on Police Killings

and especially men and women at the intersections of blackness or brownness and mental disability.

(via disabilityhistory)

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Don’t tell me you “understand” why I’m vegan. If you understood you’d be vegan, too.

Understanding doesn’t equal agreement. I understand why Walter White started to cook meth, doesn’t mean I’m gonna buy an RV and a barrel of methylamine.

So apparently a valid argument against being vegan is now, “Well, I wouldn’t cook meth, so…”