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"He likes to hold his own feet." -110110



Little Flint introduces himself, but Mother Flo keeps a protective hold around his waist. Jane Goodall extends the back of her hand, fingers turned away, telling Flo that she intends no harm

National Geographic | December 1965


"She was 2 lbs 11 ounces when she was born. We named her after Amelia Earhart, in case she needed to fly away."



*blows kiss down to the ground (for the skeletons)*


THE 66 DOGS PROJECT - "The 66 Dogs Project is an ongoing series of hand-painted portraits of dogs currently available for adoption across the United States."

Colorado-based artist Jenny Williams started the “66 Dogs Project" with the goal of helping shelter dogs find permanent homes across the U.S. Williams paints portraits of shelter dogs and includes the contact information of the various shelters on the paintings. She also tries to provide a sense of each dog’s personality in the art piece. When a dog is adopted, the adoptive family is given the portrait for free.

Two dogs at the Baltimore Humane Society, Kana and Sophia, are among the dogs included in the project.  “Both these dogs would make wonderful pets,” Wendy Goldband, Director of Marketing & Public Relations says.  “Potential adopters need to come and spend some one on one time with them and really get to know each’s wonderful personality.  We have all kinds of open space where potential adopters can come and visit.  It’s the best way to see any dog’s true colors – maybe this is a dog who likes belly rubs or who will follow you around like a shadow.  Maybe it’s a dog who loves to play catch.  These are traits you can’t see when walking by their cages in the kennel.”

People may nominate a shelter dog to be painted for the 66 Dogs Project by emailing a photo, description of the dog, and information about the shelter. Please share to help these dogs find great homes! (Photos from the 66 Dogs Project Facebook page

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Mads Mikkelsen favorite characters 5/5: Jacob

Toronto, october 2013 [x]

I feel like the pictured woman’s comment at the source is worth adding:

Unbelievable beautiful day in Toronto. I’ve met my favorite actor at a street light. He was biking, we were walking. We told him how much we admire him both as an actor and as a person. I said: you are a socialist like us. He replied: I’m trying. Isn’t he just awesome?”

Yes, yes he is.