Stills of Kristen Stewart and Juliette Binoche in Clouds of Sils Maria

April 9th 1990.


Kristen and Cole, BTS Marie Claire photoshoot - 2014 (x)

"[She’s] a soul explorer. She knows she wants to take risks and doesn’t always know where it is going to take her. She has genius, and that makes her shy sometimes. Acting is about fire, and Kristen has a lot in her. Her need to know and explore is as high as her passion. She likes to be in dangerous places and see if she can survive."

—Juliette Binoche on Kristen (x)


I’ve been thinking about kristen stewart a lot today. 

tbh she’s not even one of my favourite actresses, but she’s one of my favourite famous people? Out of all the stars I can think of, she’s the one I look at and see most of myself in. She’s awkward, introverted, sometimes shy, she stutters, she sometimes makes people uncomfortable because of these things. But to me, it’s refreshing.

She’s real, she doesn’t try to hide or change who she is. And yet, when she messes up, it’s not funny and endearing, and when Jennifer Lawrence does, it’s perceived as hilarious? 

A few months ago, my aunt was saying how terrible she was in an interview, and she wouldn’t stop ranting about how Kristen should learn to portray herself in a more ‘acceptable’ way. Immediately I came to her defense, but it’s only reflecting on it now that I can see how deeply problematic her view is.

She was basically saying that in order to be successful (or in Kristen’s case, to be a famous and respected Hollywood star) you have to be an extrovert. You have to be funny and confident all the time - that’s the only way you’ll get people to respect you. Jennifer and Kristen are perfect examples because they’re both inherently similar, the only difference being that Kristen is shy???

She doesn’t make attempts to hide that fact, she wears it proudly. She (outwardly) doesn’t give a fuck what people say about her. And I really, really respect that, as someone who’s struggled with self-hate for as long as I can remember because introversion is something society tells us we need to ‘fix’. Kristen knows who she is and she’s comfortable with that, even if a lot of people aren’t. It’s really alarming how the media treats her as a joke on the basis of her softer personality, and in broader terms it can teach us a lesson about how we’re affecting people who, despite themselves, actually do care a great deal what people think about them.

tbh I want to be more like Kristen this year.

New Pictures of Kristen doing Rosabotanica press in NYC today - January 24, 2014 (x)